National Puppetry Conference Scholarships

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Eric Engelhardt Memorial Scholarship

A full award for a “diamond in the rough” in puppetry. The Eric Engelhardt Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an individual exploring puppetry in a way similar to the spirit of our friend and colleague, E. When Eric first participated in the Puppetry Conference in 1996, he was a sculptor, musician, and new-ish puppet builder at the Jim Henson Company, but did not have much previous puppeteering experience. That year, he performed in guest artist Larry Hunt’s ensemble, created his first participant puppet piece called “Redstone,” and created the musical score for and puppeteered in Ronald Binion’s first incarnation of “The Alien Cow Puppet Show.” He returned the following summer to work again as an ensemble member in Jon Ludwig’s “Home” and performed in more participant projects. These two summers at the O’Neill contributed to Eric’s decade-long New York career as a puppet builder and table-top team puppeteer in TV and theater.

An individual suitable for the Eric Engelhardt memorial scholarship has professional experience or is well-versed in another or many other art forms, but has had limited or nontraditional exposure and training in the art of puppetry. In addition to his or her original reason for attending the conference, the participant will also be required to create their own participant piece or have a major contributing role in another participant’s project. He or she must also host the Eric Engelhardt Memorial Karaoke night that happens at the pub mid-week during the conference.

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Alumni Scholarship

Puppet Pandemic
Photo by Lindsey Z. Briggs
The Alumni Scholarship was founded on the belief that puppetry is a contagious art form. Once you have attended the National Puppetry Conference you will most likely be infected by the PUPPET PANDEMIC. The only cure is a dose of puppetry!

Funds for this Scholarship are raised in part by PUPPET PANDEMIC, a showcase of works developed at the National Puppetry Conference. This showcase of puppetry pieces explore the contagious nature of puppets. These artists redefine conventional notions of puppetry. From marionettes to papier mache mayhem, puppeteers breed new strains of creativity and present them to an audience of willing test subjects.

All profits from the The PUPPET PANDEMIC performances, raffles, and donations fund the Alumni Scholarship to attend the National Puppetry Conference held at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. The Alumni Scholarship is meant to support artists and encourage them to propagate provocative theatrical works.

Please help spread the PUPPET PANDEMIC by donating to the Alumni Scholarship!

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