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Advertising with Flock

Dear Business Owner,

Flock Theatre is gearing up for its 20th summer season. Once again our  shows at the beautiful Connecticut College Arboretum and the austere Thames Club in downtown New London will bring thousands of individuals and families to the New London area.

By supporting Flock Theatre with an advertisement in our season’s program, you will be helping to keep the summer season free of charge while reaching an exceptionally large number of potential clients throughout the year.

The  summer series opens July 15th with Shakespeare’s As You Like It, followed by Oedipus Rex, in which Flock is at its finest, utilizing its internationally known mastery of the art of puppetry. Additionally, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof will premiere at the Thames Club in downtown New London. Summer audiences often come early to relax in the lovely park, picnic, and peruse the program– reading the Flock Plots and historical notes. This year, they could also see your ad! For a mere tuppence, your advertisement continues to run in all of our programs for the 2013-2014 season; including our ever popular annual Halloween production of Shakespeare’s bloodiest play, Macbeth, and our tantalizing family shadow puppetry holiday performance of a Season of Light.

Our patrons tend to be well educated with discretionary spending power. As evidenced by the terrific response from radio ads on NPR’s WSHU station, attendees come from across Connecticut and throughout New England as well as locally. During the summer, we distribute over 4,000 programs. During the winter season, we reach thousands more including school administrators, teachers, and students. With advertising rates starting at only $50 for the complete 2010-2011 season, rest assured that your advertising dollars are reaching a wide audience and providing ongoing exposure for your business. When you advertise in the Flock Theatre program you make professional community theater possible. You also support essential educational programs such as SAVE ART, which brings alive classical literature and theater to schoolchildren.

Please call now to place your ad, or mail or email for your convenience! If you are new to Flock or have questions, feel free to call the Flock office: (860)-443-3119.

Thank you for your support.