Flock Theatre’s Summer Season:

As You Like It
experience the wonder of arden;

This summer, Flock  Theatre presents a magical world of mysticism and comedy.
Follow Rosalind through her trials and tribulations; Join Jaquis in his ever constant
search for the meaning of life; Revel with Orland in his head-over-heels love for
Rosalind, who seems to have vanished into thin air. Arrive at the arboretum and
expect to have your breath taken away by fantastical puppets, singing, dance, live
music, and the pure magic of theatre.

June 20 – 23 & 27 – 30
Connecticut College Arboretum
830 Williams Street
New London, CT 06320
adults: ##$
students: ##$

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
it’s the smell of mendacity;

Step into a warm southern summer evening and celebrate the
birthday of everyone’s favourite plantation owner Big Daddy.
But not all is as it seems; lies and mendacity shake the foundations
of Brick and Maggie’s marriage, while outside the thunder rolls.
Will the truth be too much to bear? Or will it mend the broken
relationships between husband and wife, and father and son.

June 21 – 23 & 28 – 30
Thames Club
290 State Street
New London, CT, 06320
Adults: ##$
Students: ##$

Oedipus Rex
hubris is a dangerous thing;

Step into the tumultuous world of Athens – a world where oracles and fate
role over all. Experience the struggles of Oedipus Rex, as he attempts
to thwart his own fate, and in doing so, seals it. Flock Theatre brings
Athens to life with majestic pageantry, larger-than-life-size puppets,
and the wondrous scenery of the arboretum.

July  18 – 21 &  25 – 28
Connecticut College Arboretum
830 Williams Street
New London, CT, 06320
Adults: ##$
Students: ##$